The “About” section is currently under construction.

Илья Лемье / Илья Лемьё / Илья Лёмьё (главное правильно произнести “лёмьё” – от французского “lemieux” – на письме, как Вам удобнее) ведёт этот блог, но пока что не удосужился написать описание “О себе” на русском языке. Я думаю ничего страшного в этом нет 🙂  Пока что не придумал, что можно здесь написать, когда уже много написал на английском ниже.

You might as well consider browsing the website, there is plenty of content on it. It’s not going to bite you. Unless you accidentally get a rise out of it. So, tread carefully.

Oh, almost forgot… Check back soon!

Hi there! Welcome to “Chez Ilya Lemieux” and thanks for dropping by!

In French “chez” simply means “at the home of” as in “being a guest of”.

Thus, you, as a guest of my humble online adobe, are more than welcomed to get yourself comfy and join me on my language learning journey as I gradually master English & French languages.

Save for languages, I also use this so cozy a space to write about my many other passions which tickle my fancy.

Most importantly, your input (comments, advices, your experiences, guest articles, why ever not?) would be appreciated.

Here’s a quick rundown of some facts about me:

from: Dresden, Germany
in: Moscow, Russia
speaks: Russian. No, I don’t speak German.
learning: English (it helps being modest about it), French (mental exercise like no other).
likes: languages, books, music
studied: Hospitality (BA)
Lemieux? It has a funky French twist to it.


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