🇺🇸 Learn English the Hard Way with “Duke Nukem Forever”

Chances are you are looking for improving your English language comprehension through watching game movies.

I know the drill. Take me right to the sentences.

Feel like upping your game and start catching the slightest subtleties of English?

Look no further.

However, there is a catch.


Who is this article intended for?

For English language learners, as they, all too often, tend to skip a lot of subtleties while reading books / reading stories / reading comics / watching movies /watching game movies, thus slowing down and negating their language progress. I

The catch has to do with the “THE HARD WAY” of learning English, right?

I can’t promise improving your English through this article will be easy, but I promise it will be worth it, provided you work through ALL THE SENTENCES down below. And by the way, to make it even more challenging for you, no answers are given and you are to find them on your own. There’s a reason this article is called “Learn English the Hard Way”, don’t you think?

Still no clue what I’m supposed to do…

If you’re still not really sure what’s going on here, I highly recommend you read the description of “Learn English the Hard Way” challenge.

russia-flag Для чего эта статья и что нужно здесь делать?

По своему опыту могу сказать, что когда в освоении английского приходишь на всё готовенькое, то интеллектуально расслабляешься и не особо вникаешь в детали и тонкости языка.

А вот когда, мы “пропускаем язык через себя”…

  1. внимательное чтение книг, просмотр фильмов, т.д… не знаем, что то или то означает, почему так написано, вообще не догоняем, что происходит, значит отмечаем находку
  2. анализ “любопытных” предложений, конструкций, выражений (грамматика и прагматика наши лучшие друзья)
  3. прогонка проработанного материала через правое полушарие
  4. задействование “освоенных” предложений, конструкций, выражений на письме, в устной речи (идеально, с носителями языка)
    …то результаты будут совершенно иными, нежели чем “со всем готовеньким”.

А именно, выработка силы воли, языковой интуиции, внимательности, любопытства и реальное улучшение навыка английского языка.

Ниже представлены предложения, которые заинтриговали меня при прочтении книги / прочтении рассказа / прочтении комикса / просмотре фильма / просмотре игрофильма. То есть, я сделал первый пункт из четырех выше и поделился результатами с Вами. За Вами остаются остальные три.


If you feel like up to the challenge, then here’s my list of 169 cherry-picked sentences with curious grammar and vocabulary findings from the game movie “Duke Nukem Forever”:


Study hard!

2:00 – Those alien bastards are going to pay for shooting up my ride.

2:34 – Time to stop pissing around and get this big guy back into action.

4:18 – This devastator is all yours, Duke.

5:30 – What about the game, Duke? Was it any good?

5:35 – Yeah, but after twelve fucking years, it should be.

5:50 – You hair looked so good that day.

I know, right? So did yours.

6:00 – Tune in tonight at midnight to see my interview with the one, the only Duke Nukem!

6:24 – … or making lewd gestures in the vicinity of the ships.

6:30 – I don’t know. It all still sounds pretty scary.

6:45 – Why do you think they came back? It’s because Duke lives here! Hello?

6:51 – You sure | haven’t lost your touch.

7:25 – Damn I am looking good!

9:11 – … several aliens have descended from the mothership and, um, are now reportedly in line at the Duke Burger on the Vegas strip.

9:37 – You’re even better looking in person.

9:54 – Mr. Nukem! Will you sign this for me?

Sure, kid. But I better not find this on eBay.

10:38 – On slow days, all I hear is “Johny, Johny, Johny,” but a couple of those aliens come down and suddenly it’s all news, all channels.

10:49 – Gotta wonder if they (the aliens) timed it (their visit) with you coming on the show and all.

11:01 – You fucking amateur, are you kidding me? I’m trying to do a scene with Johny on the show, and there you are wandering through the set. You never stopped to wonder if it might be distracting with you walking through?

11:27 – We’re done. We’re done professionally, man.

11:30 – You’re a nice guy, but you don’t get it. Fuck!

11:39 – Ah, thanks, Duke. That guy was a douche.

12:00 – We are experiencing temporary power fluctuations. Please bear with us and enjoy your stay at the casino.

12:43 – Please make your way to the marked exit gates.

13:00 – Hey, get lost, pal. The King needs his throne.

13:06 – No way, man, no way! I’m not leaving until I get my picture on this throne. I’ve waited years for this.

14:15 – The national budget is still recovering after the weeklong | binge of horror and holocaust you wreaked upon Los Angeles twelve years ago.

14:22 – I won’t see this opportunity for peace squandered!

14:25 – I know you don’t like this, Duke, but we can’t go in with guns blazing | just yet.

14:28 –  …this time might be different, and I tend to agree.

14:33 – You kicked their asses pretty hard last time.

14:36 – Maybe the President’s right to say we shouldn’t just assume they’re here to make trouble.

14:47 – Duke, you’re a relic from a different era.

14:52 – We can’t afford to shoot first and ask questions later | just because we suspect they might still have WMDs.

14:58 – I’m in diplomatic discussions with the Cycloid Emperor for the peaceful coexistence of our species. The Cycloid Emperor himself!

15:05 – Do not get involved. That’s an order.

15:12 – I know this is hard for you, but play it cool for now.

15:17 – I know I can count on you to follow our Commander-in-Chief.

15:22 – I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

Now I’ve got a really bad feeling about this.

16:07 – Keycard? I don’t need no fucking keycard.

16:17 – If it bleeds, I can kill it.

17:32 – You really know how to turn a girl on.

20:00 – Rest in pieces.

20:58 – .. you can save me, right? I mean… of course you can! You can do anything.

21:34 – Oh my god, Duke, thank you! I’ll go down with you any time!

21:55 -Hey, are you, like, a toy or something? | Come to life?

22:10 – So tiny, what the hell? I know right where I’d stick him.

22:19 – The car’s got your symbol on it and everything!

22:44 – Duke, thank God nobody stepped on ya!

24:00 – I promise never to do anything naughty ever again!

Hello, don’t say that! Duke will never save us if he hears you promise that!

24:19 – Oh my god, I was like so scared.

24:39 – Not my babes… not in my town. You alien motherfuckers are going to pay for this!

24:53 – Duke, General Graves is waiting, buddy. Looks like you gotta use yourself to get up. Heh heh, ‘use yourself’, you see what I did there?

25:46 – Incoming!

26:12 – My balls, your face.

26:31 – I’m only sorry our EDF soldiers didn’t make it, but I’ll bear that burden and inform their families personally.

26:37 – Duke, the President was wrong. Dead wrong.

27:03 – The destruction of the mothership hasn’t slowed them down one bit.

27:23 – I don’t think the choice of venues is a coincidence. For them, it’s personal.

27:26 – We need to move in and decimate the alien force on all fronts.

27:35 – He knows how you like to do things. I’m hoping all of the Earth Defense Force will learn from your example.

27:43 – An advance force is already on its way, but they are out-manned and out-gunned. We need you, Duke, more than ever.

27:55 – Duke! Good to fucking see ya. I knew that retirement bullshit was just bullshit. Fuck that retirement shit!

28:04 – I just got back from helping my friend find his wife. Christ, what a fucking pussy.

28:10 – Graves wants me to help you jack these motherfuckers up, just like old fucking times! | Can’t wait to pound ‘em in the cornhole! Hoo-ahh!

28:25 – Power armor is for pussies.

Um… well, okay. You want a gun instead?

28:42 – I need to go update Graves on this shit storm.

28:44 – You go on ahead and take Private Jenkins with you, since he’s the only other poor motherfucker who’s crazy enough to go with you.

Sir, yes sir!

29:10 – Try not to let him get fucking killed, will ya?

29:14 – And leave some of those alien fuckers for me, huh?!

29:24 – Dammit, Leroy!

29:37 – Welcome to the fray! Glad you could join the party.

29:41 – Hey, Duke… the street’s blown all to hell.

29:51 – Strap on the dildos, laddies, it’s time to tear up | some alien ass!

30:09 – You’re one ugly motherfucker.

30:43 – Right in the jewels.

31:05 – The President is gonna fucking shit his pants when he sees this.

31:11 – You have to crawl through this wet stank-hole to get there, though.

31:22 – So I went on a date with that hot little piece of ass from my church.

Yeah… and?

No good. Said we didn’t click. | Hell, that’s all I wanted to do was click!

31:36 – Maybe if you could… , you could figure us a way to get out of here without getting killed.

Just trying to pass the time, bro!

32:14 – Musta burrowed straight through the Dome and down into the earth with all the shaking that’s been going on.

32:21 – Now | what the hell were you doing looking at your aunt’s tits?

Ain’t no harm looking.

33:41 – Looks like I’m getting off here.

34:21 – Have a taste of my ball.

36:09 – Baby, you make me wish I had three guns.

37:35 – Where’s the goddamn medic?

37:49 – Huh? I must be dreaming. | Kick ass!

38:12 – Okay baby, I can dig that role-play shit. You tell me what to do.

38:19 – Well first, I’m kind of hungry. So, I need something to nibble on.

40:11 – That’s the last time I do any role-playing.

40:22 – He can’t officially send you in to Hoover Dam. But funny enough, we just happened to be going that way. Hang on, this is going to be rough!

41:06 – I’m gonna feel that one in the morning.

42:47- Need to calm down, think happy thoughts. I really like pie!

43:38 – Duke! We’ve been trying to reach you, what the hell happened in there?! Never mind.

44:06 – You’ll be glad to hear that General graves just gave the President’s orders the finger.

44:10 – We close that wormhole down, we might just be able to stop this goddamn invasion. Let’s get rolling.

45:21 – Damn. Desert road, no gas, and no chicks.

46:03 – Welcome to Morningwood.

46:27 – A crowbar would come in handy right about now.

47:57 – I have to go inside and find the Emperor… someone has to | do the right thing!

48:11 – I had the Emperor eating out of my damn hand and you blew it!

48:44 – I’d ask you what the fuck took you so long, but I know it was some sexy thing with three titties! Yeah!

50:06 – Holy fuck, Duke, this is just like that one time in Beirut! You wouldn’t believe the chubby I got!

50:11 – I’ve got orders to hold this fuckin’ shit together up here…

50:19 – Just don’t get rope burn this time! None of those massage specialists around right now, eh, eh? Jerk it off! Hahaha!

51:28 – Hey, now hold on, I can’t go barging into a combat situation unawares.

51:30 – What the hell am I supposed to use?

I don’t know… harsh language?

51:45 – I need bullets, not ice cubes, jerk off.

51:48 – Oh… Duke! Maybe you can help talk some sense into these guys.

52:18 – Last time Lawrence used it, he lost a pinky! Real dangerous, could hurt somebody good.

52:24 – Why didn’t you tell me that before? Now I look like an ass in front of Duke Nukem.

52:54 – All right, here it is. And holy crap, you sure left a mess in here!

53:34 – Duke one, gears nothing.

54:47 – Duke! Thank God Almighty you’re here.

55:02 – … but in truth, I think the simple stress of the invasion has pushed him over the edge. He’s lost all grasp on reality. That’s the bad news.

55:22 – America is counting on you.

America, fuck yeah!

56:03 – You hang on tight there, boy. I ain’t gonna run this slower for no nancies.

56:23 – Come on out, ya bastard! I’ll donkey punch ya in the blow hole!

57:24 – There can only be one king… you fuck.

57:35 – Well, there ya go! All set, then. Made a hell of a mess, though… shoulda done it m’self…

58:21 – Take these charges. Plant the fuckers right on the dam’s balls and blow it to shit!

58:42 – Guess he won’t be in the sequel.

1:00:44 – Holy hell, Duke. Can’t believe you’re still alive!

1:01:05 – Can’t say the President’s too happy about everything, though…

1:01:21 – You idiot! You small-brained fool!

1:01:25 – Now I have to set things right, me!

1:01:44 – You like nukes? Well, you got one. The satellite is aligning as we speak. Too bad for you that you’ll still be here when it arrives.

1:04:24 – What kinda shit ending is that?

1:16:27 – Oh my. You really are set on staying alive, aren’t you?

1:16:54 – The very fact that they’re still here is your fault, Duke.

1:17:07 – Does any of this ring a bell inside that fat cranium of yours?

1:17:33 – I’ll be the one to set things right.

1:18:01 – I knew you wouldn’t disappoint.

1:18:08 – In the meantime, I have a few friends for you to play with. Do play nice now. Won’t you?

1:20:14 – You’re going the wrong way. No, really! (laughs) Now I’ve got you wondering, don’t I?

1:20:28 – That was close enough to shave my balls.

1:20:43 – Be a gentleman and clean up the mess for me, won’t you?

1:20:50 – I’ve arranged for some familiar faces to meet you in a bit.

1:20:56 – Do carry on, Duke.

1:21:13 – But there’s alwaysroom for improvement.

1:22:53 – I hate to kick my own ass, but it’s gotta be done.

1:23:01 – Are you by chance, taking a little silver ride? It doesn’t matter. One way or another, your ride ends here.

1:24:13 – I’ve got balls of steel.

1:29:47 – Fuck this! It’s time to end this charade!

1:31:05 – I could be anything I wanted, like, a scientist, or an engineer. But, I’d totally rather go shopping! Duh!

1:31:57 – Holy shit! Duke, you’re tiny! Hahaha! Bet you’ve never heard that before!

1:32:18 – With you here, buddy, this ought to be a piece of cake. | Like old fucking times, bro!

1:32:43 – I ain’t no fuckin’ ankle biter.

1:34:02 – Well, I guess sometimes you have to do things yourself.

1:35:09 – That’s the last thing you’ll steal from me, douche bag.

1:35:26 – Jumping Jesus… Duke! How the hell…? Nevermind, shoulda known you’d pull through.

1:36:00 – How E.D.F. intelligence missed it, I don’t know. But, if we don’t get there fast, we’re done for.

1:36:11 – Hurry Duke, before it’s too late.

1:36:27 – Anyway, god dammit, I couldn’t find a grow pad! Sucks balls!

1:36:58 – That a boy, Duke.

1:37:51 – Duke! And Captain Dylan. Well, I’ll be goddamned. You better be ready for a fight, gentlemen.

1:38:11 – Come on!

Right on your fucking heels, sir!

1:40:24 – If you follow the dirt path here, you can’t miss it.

1:42:57 – I like where this is going.

1:43:02 – Tell you what.|  You do for me, and maybe I’ll do for you. | Sound fair?

1:43:40 – You take care of it, and I’ll see what I can do

1:45:02 – And you don’t want to see me mad, baby.

1:45:09 – Oh great! Another impersonator! This ain’t the Elvis convention buddy. Now | piss off before I hurt you!

1:46:06 – Good timing! I was just ready to go!

1:46:20 – Here we are. You ready to… go down? | I didn’t mean that to sound… oh nevermind.

1:46:50 – The place should be right down here, Duke. Hold on to your butt.

1:47:17 – I could get two girls. Why didn’t I think of this shit before?

1:49:12 – There’s more where that came from!

1:49:35 – They keep getting uglier, and I keep getting meaner.

1:51:50 – It’s a damn good day to bet on Duke.

Wow, it seems you’ve made it to the end of this new-vocabulary-grammar-intensive article… But did you actually work through all the findings?  No shirking? Sweet! That’s what I call being persistent at mastering English!


russia-flag Вы дочитали и проработали статью до конца? Так держать!

Если Вы дочитали до конца эту статью, то я уверен, что Вы узнали много нового про английский язык (при условии, что Вы действительно проработали предложения выше).

Проработать так много материала это совсем не шутки, а вполне серьёзный подход к делу.

Теперь же дело за малым: эффективно всё перенести в речевой актив и начать всласть применять новые знания на практике (пункт 3 и 4, соответсвенно).

Спасибо за то, что уделили время.

Удачи в Вашем языковом путешествии!


I am crazy enough to do the whole nine-yards over again. Please bring me to the beginning of the sentences. Yeah!

Did you know that you are more than encouraged to go ahead and tell me in the comments section below how the whole process went?

With that, thanks for taking your time accepting the challenge, reading and working through the article.

Until next time!


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