🇺🇸 Here’s What I Found in “One Punch Man” to Challenge Your French. Episodes 11 & 12

What can I say here? Sad as it is, but Episodes 11 & 12 are concluding “One Punch Man” anime for the time being – not! Rumors are certainly floating around launching season 2 sometime this summer. Crossing fingers and toes. Yes, you can actually do that, not that I highly recommend you try.

Let us not forget that die-hard suckers for OPM can enjoy some more of Saitama as there are as many as 7 OVA had been released. Be sure to check them out. I will certainly do! In VOSTFR, mind you, because it makes your and my French just so much better in the long run. Unyielding sarcasm and gushing torrents of French slang. What could possibly go wrong, anyway? The Verdict: totally worth it.

Got carried away for a bit there, sorry. No, I am not.

Ok, here’s what you’ve got to know about Ep 11 & 12 with minimal spoilers exposure. There’s an epic fight going on. The good bald dude. The bad bored slick. And the mediocre riffraff bunch (what with the totally naked prisoner guy running around yet again, which just adds to the total wierdness and confusion. OPM stays true to form, as always) is trying to make it to the alien mothership. Did I tell you there were aliens involved? No? Now I did. And that concludes my brief, if somewhat clumsy (yes, I can feel that “not impressed” stare at your monitor, thank you very much), spoilers-free review of episodes 11 & 12.

Now onto business.

By this time it should be pretty obvious to everyone half-interested in actually following my dissections of OPM in VOSTFR that somewhere around this space in my articles I would usually go and badger you with the same old hackneyed spiel of what these kind of articles are all about.

At this point I ran out of ideas as to how to wittily introduce “the spiel” part, so…

The spiel:

You are to interpret lots of highlighted tricky words, along with obscure grammar constructions, coming from books, comics, movies, etc. that I have read, watched. 

To make things easier for you, no answers are given.

You are on your own, challenging your language skills, looking up stuff in dictionaries; getting your hands dirty, yes! Still not sure what’s going on? Read the detailed challenge description here

With everything else out of the way, if you feel like challenging your French, then work through my cherry-picked list of Grammar & Vocabulary findings from the anime “One Punch Man” (Episodes 11 & 12):

Episode 11


  • Comment s’est-il introduit ici ?
  • Merdouille !
  • Il se tourne les pouces ou quoi? C’est pas le moment !
  • En quatre petites minutes, il a détruit plus de 23 % du bâtiment.
  • Le menu fretin ne suffira pas à l’arrêter.
  • Je suis sur les lieux.
  • A:Mais évidemment, je peux me tromper. B: En effet…
  • Il n’est pas rang S pour rien
  • Pas si vite, mon coco !
  • Et que je ne te revoie plus ! [Чтоб я тебя больше не видел… Russian triangulation hint]
  • Je sais rien faire à part taper, moi !
  • Les classe S n’en font vraiment qu’à leur tête.
  • J’aimerais bien, mais je suis un peu occupé, là !
  • Il existe des Terriens capables de te tenir tête ?
  • Ils me tiennent rien du tout !
  • Mais j’y pense !
  • Et reprends-toi ça dans la face !
  • Il a cané !
  • Mais c’est bon, vous allez tous crever…
  • C’est pas joli-joli, ce que tu fais dans notre vaisseau.
  • Prends ça ! [Получай… Russian triangulation hint]
  • N’importe qui peut en faire autant.
  • Grimpe !
  • Vous pouvez vraiment rien faire sans moi !
  • Tous autant que vous êtes ! Un coup suffit à vous tuer.
  • Je serais de curieux de voir ça…
  • Tu détruis des planètes juste parce que tu te fais chier ?
  • Saitama, qu’est-ce que ça fait d’être le plus puissant ?

Episode 12


  • Tu me gênes, va voir ailleurs.
  • Fais comme tu le sens.
  • Tu ne te laisses pas faire facilement… Je vous retourne le compliment.
  • Je peux bien me laisser aller de temps en temps.
  • Jusqu’ici, personne n’avait jamais combattu d’égal à égal avec moi.
  • Tu l’as senti passer ?
  • Alors je vais aussi utiliser ma botte secrète.
  • Y a pas à dire, t’es vraiment un sacré balèze.
  • Tu n’as même pas eu à te donner du mal.
  • Tu peux parler, à débarquer une fois que tout est plié…
  • Prépare-toi à te prendre une dérouillée, mon gars.
  • Y a plus important, imbécile !
  • Déplumé ! Boule de billard !
  • Non mais merde, à la fin !

Wow, it seems you’ve made it to the end of this new-vocabulary-grammar-intensive article… But did you actually work through all the findings?  No shirking? Sweet! That’s what I call being persistent at mastering French!

Did you know that you are more than encouraged to go ahead and tell me in the comments section below how the whole process went?

With that, thanks for taking your time accepting the challenge, reading and working through the article.

Until next time!


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