🇺🇸 Learn English the Hard Way with “No Exit”

Chances are you are looking for improving your English language comprehension through reading books.

I know the drill. Take me right to the sentences.

Feel like upping your game and start catching the slightest subtleties of English?

Look no further.

However, there is a catch.


Who is this article intended for?

For English language learners, as they, all too often, tend to skip a lot of subtleties while reading books / reading stories / reading comics / watching movies /watching game movies, thus slowing down and negating their language progress. I

The catch has to do with the “THE HARD WAY” of learning English, right?

I can’t promise improving your English through this article will be easy, but I promise it will be worth it, provided you work through ALL THE SENTENCES down below. And by the way, to make it even more challenging for you, no answers are given and you are to find them on your own. There’s a reason this article is called “Learn English the Hard Way”, don’t you think?

Still no clue what I’m supposed to do…

If you’re still not really sure what’s going on here, I highly recommend you read the description of “Learn English the Hard Way” challenge.

russia-flag Для чего эта статья и что нужно здесь делать?

По своему опыту могу сказать, что когда в освоении английского приходишь на всё готовенькое, то интеллектуально расслабляешься и не особо вникаешь в детали и тонкости языка.

А вот когда, мы “пропускаем язык через себя”…

  1. внимательное чтение книг, просмотр фильмов, т.д… не знаем, что то или то означает, почему так написано, вообще не догоняем, что происходит, значит отмечаем находку
  2. анализ “любопытных” предложений, конструкций, выражений (грамматика и прагматика наши лучшие друзья)
  3. прогонка проработанного материала через правое полушарие
  4. задействование “освоенных” предложений, конструкций, выражений на письме, в устной речи (идеально, с носителями языка)
    …то результаты будут совершенно иными, нежели чем “со всем готовеньким”.

А именно, выработка силы воли, языковой интуиции, внимательности, любопытства и реальное улучшение навыка английского языка.

Ниже представлены предложения, которые заинтриговали меня при прочтении книги / прочтении рассказа / прочтении комикса / просмотре фильма / просмотре игрофильма. То есть, я сделал первый пункт из четырех выше и поделился результатами с Вами. За Вами остаются остальные три.


If you feel like up to the challenge, then below is my list of the cherry-picked sentences with curious grammar and vocabulary findings from the book “No Exit”.

Study hard!

GARCIN:where are the instruments of torture?
VALET: The what?

GARCIN: And no bed, either. One never sleeps, I take it?
VALET: That’s so.
GARCIN: Just as I expected

GARCIN: Is it daytime now?
VALET: Can’t you see? The lights are on.

GARCIN: So one has to live with one’s eyes open all the time?
VALET: To live, did you say?
GARCIN: Don’t let’s quibble over words.

GARCIN: Who do you suppose I am?
INEZ: You? Why, the torturer, of course.
GARCIN: Well, that’s a good one! Too comic for words. I the torturer!

GARCIN: Not that I take my position lightly; I realize its gravity only too well. But I’m not afraid.
INEZ: That’s your affair.

INEZ: I’m not polite.
GARCIN: Then I must be polite for two.

ESTELLE: Then it’s not mere chance that you precisely are sitting opposite me? But what can be the idea behind it?
INEZ: Ask me another! I only know they’re waiting.

ESTELLE: Anyhow, isn’t it better to think we’ve got here by mistake?
INEZ: Is that all you have to tell me?

ESTELLE: In short, there’s someone absent here, the official torturer.
GARCIN: I’d noticed that.

INEZ: Do I look as if I wanted to hurt you?
ESTELLE: One never can tell.

GARCIN: And, if it’ll make you any happier, let me tell you that I’ve no use for the “”child,”” as you call her.

GARCIN: Oh, I didn’t mean it rudely.
ESTELLE: You cad!

ESTELLE: I prefer to look you in the eyes and fight it out face to face.
GARCIN: Have it your own way.

INEZ: No need to tell us that. We know you were a deserter.
GARCIN: Let that be. It’s only a side-issue.

INEZ: Why are you smiling?
GARCIN: Because I, anyhow, am not vulnerable.
INEZ: Don’t be too sure… I crept inside her skin, she saw the world through my eyes.

GARCIN: Why were you afraid of him?
ESTELLE: That’s my business, Mr. Garcin.

GARCIN: And you didn’t want one?
ESTELLE: I certainly didn’t. But the baby came, worse luck

ESTELLE: …my husband never suspected anything. Oh, how I loathe you!
GARCIN: Nothing doing. Tears don’t flow in this place.

GARCIN: But for you I can still feel pity.
INEZ: Don’t. I hate being pawed about. And keep your pity for yourself.

GARCIN: …and you’ll live in my gaze like a mote in a sunbeam.
ESTELLE: A sunbeam indeed

ESTELLE: I’ll sit on your sofa and wait for you to take some notice of me. I promise not to bother you at all.
INEZ: That’s right, fawn on him, like the silly bitch you are.

ESTELLE: Do you want me, anyhow?
ESTELLE: I ask no more.
GARCIN: In that case-

GARCIN: Of course. Well, Estelle, am I a coward?
ESTELLE: How can I say?

GARCIN: … you must begin by trusting me.
INEZ: That’s right! That’s right! Trust away!

Really, sir, how could you believe such cock-and-bull stories?

The racks and red-hot pincers and all the other paraphernalia?

No mirrors, I notice. No windows. Only to be expected. And nothing breakable.

But damn it all, they might have left me my toothbrush!

I’ll ask you to be more polite.

Sorry, sir. No offense meant.

Silly questions, if you’ll pardon my saying so.

They don’t bother their heads about the bathroom requisites

What, I ask you, would be the point of brushing your teeth?

Four thousand little respites—just think!…So that’s the idea.

No eyelids, no sleep; it follows, doesn’t it?

We have all the electricity we want.

If there’s any information you require—? Most of our guests have quite a lot to ask me. But I won’t insist.

They’ve removed everything in the least resembling a glass.

I want to think things out, you know; to set my life in order

Only, if I may venture on a suggestion, we should make a point of being extremely courteous to each other.

My life’s in perfect order. It tidied itself up nicely of its own accord.

I tell you they’ve thought it all out. Down to the last detail. Nothing was left to chance. This room was all set for us.

Stupid employees who don’t know their job. So they’re bound to make mistakes sometimes… Do stop smiling.

What’ s the point of play-acting, trying to throw dust in each other’s eyes? We’re all tarred with the same brush.

A pimple? Oh, how simply foul! Where!

And I’ll be nice to you, ever so nice.

Oh, I saw through your game; you got on your high horse just to impress her.

I asked you to leave me in peace.

It seems you were making eyes at me?

Do you know, I used to be mad about women?

Perhaps you’re shy of speaking first? Right. I’ll lead off. I’m not a very estimable person.

Won’t you cry, confound you?

I watched and waited. But no, not a tear, not a protest.

Yes, a brute. Certainly. Else why should I be here?

There was that affair with Florence. A dead men’s tale. With three corpses to it

So there’s no one left. I’ve nothing to worry about; it was a clean sweep.

When I say I’m cruel, I mean I can’t get on without making people suffer. Like a live coal.

Hateful? Yes, that’s the word. Now get on with it.

You’ve got it all wrong, you two. He wanted me to have a baby. So there!

Roger was with me when she was born. It pleased him no end, having a daughter

I’m a coward. A coward! If you knew how I hate you!

Well, Mr. Garcin, now you have us in the nude all right.

The windows are wide open, a man is sitting on my bed. MY bed, if you please!

Human feeling. That’s beyond my range. I’m rotten to the core.

suppose we try?

A trap! Don’t I know it, and that I’m in a trap myself, up to the neck, and there’s nothing to be done about it?

He called me his glancing stream— just fancy!

No, of course I don’t love him. He’s only eighteen, and I’m not a baby-snatcher.

But, my poor little lamb, can’t you see how ridiculous she is?

Oh, just look at her face, all scarlet, like a tomato.

I won’t haggle with you over his long eyelashes, his pretty girlish face. They’re yours for the asking.

You’re a man, aren’t you, and surely I’m not a fright as all that!

You’ve tried that trick already, and you should know it doesn’t work.

I’m the weaker party, one against two.

They’re shivering, they’ve kept their coats on. Funny they should feel the cold like that, when I’m feeling so hot.

Because you refused to fight. Well, why shouldn’t you?

Should I have gone to the general and said: “General, I decline to fight”? A mug’s game; they’d have promptly locked me up.

He wants you to tell him that he bolted like a lion. For “bolt” he did, and that’s what biting him

But always I harked back to the one thing certain— that I had acted as I did, I’d taken that train to the frontier.

Coward or hero, it’s all one— provided he kisses well.

There they are, slumped in their chairs, sucking at their cigars. Bored they look.

and they’re right, because I’m dead. Dead and done with. A back number.

She wants a man— that far you can trust her— she wants a man’s arm round her waist

You spat in my face— playing up to him, of course— and we had a tiff on his account

We two women will have the place to ourselves.

Which shall it be? Which of the three of us will leave?

But what a situation! It’s a scream! We’re inseparables!

No, I couldn’t leave you here, gloating over my defeat, with all those thoughts about me running in your head.

I staked everything on the same horse

because a hero, of course, can do no wrong.

A man is what he wills himself to be.

Hug me tight, darling; tighter still—that’ll finish her off, and a good thing too!

So this is hell. I’d never have believed it.

Wow, it seems you’ve made it to the end of this new-vocabulary-grammar-intensive article… But did you actually work through all the findings?  No shirking? Sweet! That’s what I call being persistent at mastering English!


russia-flag Вы дочитали и проработали статью до конца? Так держать!

Если Вы дочитали до конца эту статью, то я уверен, что Вы узнали много нового про английский язык (при условии, что Вы действительно проработали предложения выше).

Проработать так много материала это совсем не шутки, а вполне серьёзный подход к делу.

Теперь же дело за малым: эффективно всё перенести в речевой актив и начать всласть применять новые знания на практике (пункт 3 и 4, соответсвенно).

Спасибо за то, что уделили время.

Удачи в Вашем языковом путешествии!


I am crazy enough to do the whole nine-yards over again. Please bring me to the beginning of the sentences. Yeah!

Did you know that you are more than encouraged to go ahead and tell me in the comments section below how the whole process went?

With that, thanks for taking your time accepting the challenge, reading and working through the article.

Until next time!


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