🇺🇸 Learn 25 New English Words: iPhone Screenshots #47

Well, I was just lounging there on my couch, reading yet another book, minding my own business, when suddenly… a thought hit me.

I heard the story and it’s cool. The screenshots, please 🙂

Since I read lots of articles and books in English on my phone, while I’m at it why not take screenshots of my dictionary lookups, namely, definitions of isolated words – no constructions (for those you should refer to “Seeking out Grammar & Vocabulary“)  – and Google Images of instances where plain definitions do not suffice (those cunning yet proud nouns) and then share them with you?

Well, that’s exactly what I did with the screenshots of 25 words below.

The gallery generates 25 screenshots in a random order. Yes, every time you reload this page, the gallery will randomly rearrange itself. Pretty cool, huh?

It’s a good way for you to check and expand your vocabulary, just as it is a good way for me to keep track of my newly-met English words in addition to the Anki way.

Well, enough words, and let’s get down to the… words?

Well, that’s it for today folks! Thanks for taking your time reading this article.

The next batch of 25 words is just around the corner.

Don’t be shy and leave ’em thoughts in the comments section below.


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