🇺🇸 Stream of Consciousness: Site Tagline and Keeping Promises

Well, I promised and I deliver.


Or rather set to start delivering my promises.

“You don’t say!”

Kind of….

“Uh huh.”

… 5 months later.

“Feat of arms!”

It takes that long to get your stuff together.

“Yeah, right.”

Not even kidding.


In my defense I would say that sometimes life happens. Yes, perfect storm of external circumstances, of which you were no master whatsoever. I think it was Shakespeare who put it thus: “The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”. Yes, sounds about right. And it’s Shakespeare. Can’t go wrong with the classics of this caliber. Swell!

“Or is it more like just shirking your responsibility, along with coming up with mickey mouse excuses for your abject inaction? ”

I give up. You have won. Bullseye! Got it one.

Be that as it may, what did I actually promise and to who?

Well… to myself and to you, gentle readers of my little blog!

“Hoorah! We are not forgotten!”

If you look close enough at the site tagline, you’ll see that it reads “Mastering English & French”.

“About time you, the writer, did that! ”

You see that word right after the ampersand? Yeah, it surely is a smarty pants way of demystifying “&”. You’ve gotta love it. Ampersand this. Ampersand that. Do you happen to have some spare ampersands on your person?

“The very question! I sure do! Don’t you know, every decent person has at least one ampersand to spare these days. Here, take one and be sure to make the most use of it. And no monkey business.”

Right. Yes. After the ampersand, there’s that word “French”. I don’t know about you… Nah, not quite off to the races. OK, it came to me.


If I were you I would have been wondering by now as to… where on this silly excuse for a website (yes, I’m being very kind towards myself. Keeps your self-esteem in check like you wouldn’t believe, trust me. Pun time? urgh dude)…

“Rightfully so, rightfully so. Ah, no puns, please.”

… where on this silly excuse for a websiteI find articles / tips / juicy tidbits on my mastering French? The very astute question asking you are.

“I sure am.”

Promise made is a debt unpaid, after all.

“Is that so? I tell you what, get to the point already! It can’t be that hard, now can it?”

Ah yes, I remember it now. The French something part. And Keeping promises. And the tagline.


It’s high time I wrote some more articles on French, if only out for …

“For what? Sure you want to go there?”

Scratch the if-only-out-for bit.

“You got it.”

My goal is to master French and not be ashamed of it, of my French language skills I mean, not the French language per se.


It’s been so long ago now that I even can’t begin to comprehend just why I even bothered dabbling with French to begin with.

“Wait what? You’re kidding, right?”

Yes, I’m kidding. From now on, I will take my French studies more seriously. Not only that, I will also propel my approach towards the whole thing to such a level of nerdiness that sooner than later I will once and for all conquer French, carry the day, and become proud as a peacock.

“Like that would help you. The pride bit.”

Wait and see is all I say to this quip of yours. More articles…

“Ahem. Let’s be brutally honest here. It would be not a very bad idea to EVEN CONSIDER penning SOMETHING on French, it really wouldn’t.”

Alright, alright. I understand your sentiments and I’ll take them into consideration.

“Somehow I don’t believe it.”

Once again, wait and see. Wait and see.

And with that, I’m sorry to inform you that my stream of consciousness draws to a close.




That was weird and yet beastingly self-revealing.

We should do this again sometime 😉

The intent of this article was to merely tingle my sarcastic inner self while addressing the important issues pertaining to the little language journey of mine.

Ilya Lemieux, signing off.


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