🇺🇸 Learn English the Hard Way with “The Call of Cthulhu”

Chances are you are looking for improving your English language comprehension through reading stories.

I know the drill. Take me right to the sentences.

Feel like upping your game and start catching the slightest subtleties of English?

Look no further.

However, there is a catch.


Who is this article intended for?

For English language learners, as they, all too often, tend to skip a lot of subtleties while reading books / reading stories / reading comics / watching movies /watching game movies, thus slowing down and negating their language progress. I

The catch has to do with the “THE HARD WAY” of learning English, right?

I can’t promise improving your English through this article will be easy, but I promise it will be worth it, provided you work through ALL THE SENTENCES down below. And by the way, to make it even more challenging for you, no answers are given and you are to find them on your own. There’s a reason this article is called “Learn English the Hard Way”, don’t you think?

Still no clue what I’m supposed to do…

If you’re still not really sure what’s going on here, I highly recommend you read the description of “Learn English the Hard Way” challenge.

russia-flag Для чего эта статья и что нужно здесь делать?

По своему опыту могу сказать, что когда в освоении английского приходишь на всё готовенькое, то интеллектуально расслабляешься и не особо вникаешь в детали и тонкости языка.

А вот когда, мы “пропускаем язык через себя”…

  1. внимательное чтение книг, просмотр фильмов, т.д… не знаем, что то или то означает, почему так написано, вообще не догоняем, что происходит, значит отмечаем находку
  2. анализ “любопытных” предложений, конструкций, выражений (грамматика и прагматика наши лучшие друзья)
  3. прогонка проработанного материала через правое полушарие
  4. задействование “освоенных” предложений, конструкций, выражений на письме, в устной речи (идеально, с носителями языка)
    …то результаты будут совершенно иными, нежели чем “со всем готовеньким”.

А именно, выработка силы воли, языковой интуиции, внимательности, любопытства и реальное улучшение навыка английского языка.

Ниже представлены предложения, которые заинтриговали меня при прочтении книги / прочтении рассказа / прочтении комикса / просмотре фильма / просмотре игрофильма. То есть, я сделал первый пункт из четырех выше и поделился результатами с Вами. За Вами остаются остальные три.


If you feel like up to the challenge, then below is my list of the cherry-picked sentences with curious grammar and vocabulary findings from the book “The Call of Cthulhu”.

Study hard!

forms of which poetry and legend alone have caught a flying memory and called them gods,

monsters, mythical beings of all sorts and kinds

We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far

but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality

will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein

that we shall either go mad from the revelation

grandeur of the cosmic cycle wherein our world and human race form transient incidents

I think that the professor, too, intended to keep silent regarding the part he knew

but latterly I am inclined to wonder—and more than wonder.

and which I felt much averse from shewing to other eyes.

If I say that my somewhat extravagant imagination yielded simultaneous pictures of an octopus, a dragon, and a human caricature, I shall not be unfaithful to the spirit of the thing.

The writing accompanying this oddity was, aside from a stack of press cuttings, in Professor Angell’s most recent hand; and made no pretence to literary style.

the main document was headed “CTHULHU CULT” in characters painstakingly printed to avoid the erroneous reading of a word so unheard-of

and the rest comments on long-surviving secret societies and hidden cults, with references to passages in

Wilcox was a precocious youth of known genius but great eccentricity

had from childhood excited attention through the strange stories and odd dreams he was in the habit of relating

but the staid folk of the ancient commercial city dismissed him as merely “queer”

He spoke in a dreamy, stilted manner which suggested pose and alienated sympathy;

Young Wilcox’s rejoinder, which impressed my uncle enough to make him recall and record it verbatim

which must have typified his whole conversation, and which I have since found highly characteristic of him

a chaotic sensation which only fancy could transmute into sound

He questioned the sculptor with scientific minuteness

he besieged his visitor with demands for future reports of dreams

with a subterrene voice or intelligence shouting monotonously in enigmatical sense-impacts uninscribable save as gibberish

gigantic thing “miles high” which walked or lumbered about

He at no time fully described this object

Pronounced well by his physician, he returned to his quarters in three days

but his notes formed a thorough and really significant digest

to be saved from some escaped denizen of hell

The press cuttings, as I have intimated, touched on cases of panic

is full of wild rumour and legendry,

that only a miracle can have stopped the medical fraternity from noting strange parallelisms

Professor Angell, as befitted one of his authority and attainments, had had a prominent part in all the deliberations

and he was by profession an Inspector of Police

It must not be fancied that Inspector Legrasse had the least interest in archaeology.

The statuette, idol, fetish, or whatever it was

which might help them to place the frightful symbol, and through it track down the cult to its fountain-head.

One sight of the thing had been enough to throw the assembled men of science into a state of tense excitement

and they lost no time in crowding around him to gaze at the diminutive figure

for the soapy, greenish-black stone with its golden or iridescent flecks and striations resembled nothing familiar to geology or mineralogy

as the members severally shook their heads and confessed defeat at the Inspector’s problem

and who presently told with some diffidence of the odd trifle he knew.

and an explorer of no slight note.

and he began at once to ply his informant with questions.

he besought the professor to remember as best he might the syllables taken down amongst the diabolist Esquimaux.

Legrasse had one point in advance of Professor Webb,

were in the grip of stark terror from an unknown thing which had stolen upon them in the night

At the end of the passable road they alighted

a miserable huddle of huts, hove in sight

It was nightmare itself, and to see it was to die

Only poetry or madness could do justice to the noises heard by Legrasse’s men

Now and then the less organised ululation would cease

Four of them reeled, one fainted, and two were shaken into a frantic cry

Legrasse dashed swamp water on the face of the fainting man

this hybrid spawn were braying

writhing about a monstrous ring-shaped bonfire

stood a great granite monolith some eight feet in height

incongruous with its diminutiveness, rested the noxious carven statuette

From a wide circle of ten scaffolds set up at regular intervals

the general direction of the mass motion being from left to right in endless Bacchanal

Most were seamen, and a sprinkling of negroes and mulattoes

and bring the earth again beneath his sway

All denied a part in the ritual murders, and averred that the killing had been done by

whilst uncounted millions of years rolled by.

Legrasse, deeply impressed and not a little bewildered

led me to adopt what I thought the most sensible conclusions

he turned languidly at my knock and asked me my business without rising

I took leave of him amicably, and wish him all the success his talent promises.

and even questioned such of the mongrel prisoners as still survived

Legrasse and his men, it is true, have been let alone;

was of portentous significance to my flagging quest

and had been second mate of the two-masted schooner Emma of Auckland

 and six of the men somehow died ashore, though Johansen is queerly reticent about this part of his story, and speaks only of their falling into a rock chasm.

whose frequent meetings and night trips to the woods attracted no little curiosity

and talked profitlessly with seamen and members of the vice-admiralty court.

and sending out at last, after cycles incalculable, the thoughts that spread fear to the dreams

Now an unlettered seaman felt the same thing

visibly darkening the sun as it slunk away into the shrunken and gibbous sky on flapping membraneous wings.

Three men were swept up by the flabby claws before anybody turned. God rest them, if there be any rest in the universe.

the titan Thing from the stars slavered and gibbered like Polypheme cursing the fleeing ship of Odysseus

For an instant the ship was befouled by an acrid and blinding green cloud,

Wow, it seems you’ve made it to the end of this new-vocabulary-grammar-intensive article… But did you actually work through all the findings?  No shirking? Sweet! That’s what I call being persistent at mastering English!


russia-flag Вы дочитали и проработали статью до конца? Так держать!

Если Вы дочитали до конца эту статью, то я уверен, что Вы узнали много нового про английский язык (при условии, что Вы действительно проработали предложения выше).

Проработать так много материала это совсем не шутки, а вполне серьёзный подход к делу.

Теперь же дело за малым: эффективно всё перенести в речевой актив и начать всласть применять новые знания на практике (пункт 3 и 4, соответсвенно).

Спасибо за то, что уделили время.

Удачи в Вашем языковом путешествии!


I am crazy enough to do the whole nine-yards over again. Please bring me to the beginning of the sentences. Yeah!

Did you know that you are more than encouraged to go ahead and tell me in the comments section below how the whole process went?

With that, thanks for taking your time accepting the challenge, reading and working through the article.

Until next time!


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